Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother and Son Evening

Ernie had a work function last night, so that meant Matthew and I had the evening to ourselves.  I was feeling overly ambitious at first and thought it would be fun to make pizza and cookies.  Realistically though, by the time I got home from work, there just wouldn't be enough time.  Store-bought pizza and cookies were just fine.

I can't speak for Matthew regarding what his favorite food is, but I've never seen him reject pizza.  That's my boy!

After dinner, Matthew wanted to do some reading.  Everything is more fun when done in a fort, so I created a little book nook of a fort for him. 

Matthew loved it at first, but he soon preferred to do his reading on my lap, which was fine with me.  I could tell he was starting to clunk out, so I put on his pajamas and figured it was cookie time.

Unfortunately, Ernie wasn't home in time to see him before bed.  We sure had a good time together though!

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