Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Long Night

Yesterday was a pretty normal day.  I made Cheater Korean Beef for dinner, which is super easy and tastes awesome.  I follow the recipe as stated, except I omit the ginger.  I don't know what it is, but the last time I made it and used the ginger it called for, Ernie and I both thought it tasted like soap.  Last night was much better.   There is a little bit of spice to it, so Matthew ate some chicken tenders instead.

Matthew was a little cranky going to bed last night.  I read him a couple Dr. Seuss books that he pulled off his bookshelf and sang to him (everything from nursery rhymes to Conor Oberst), but nothing did the trick.  Ernie rocked him for a little while, and we thought everything was fine.  Not long after Ernie and I went to sleep though, we were suddenly jolted by the unmistakable sounds of a sick child.  Our poor little guy was sick several times.  He didn't have a fever, so we just tried to make him as comfortable as possible and take care of him.

Matthew slept in a little bit this morning and seems much better.  I'll be fine too, as soon as I get some extra coffee.

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