Monday, May 19, 2014

The Simple Things

Thursday night was another round of preliminaries for Your Hometown Idol.  Now there won't be any action until the finals in July.  I had planned to write about this on Friday, but I woke up that morning extremely sick.  There was no way I was making it to work.  I couldn't even bring myself to watch TV or read a magazine.  I was too miserable to sleep, so I basically spent the day in bed doing nothing.

That was my entire Friday, pretty much (how thrilling).  I couldn't even keep down water for most of the day but started seeming a little better in the evening.  Ernie and Matthew walked to the store to get me some Vernor's.  I sipped it slowly for a couple hours, and it made me feel better (oh, the magic of Vernor's!).

I felt better on Saturday but was still very sore and achy and had a headache.  It was pretty much another day of doing nothing but hanging out.  Chewie was a good companion for that.

I woke up on Sunday and felt amazing.  I was so excited!  Ernie and Matthew were already awake, so I rushed downstairs to join them.  I brewed some coffee, got a load of laundry going, and sat at the computer to pay bills.   I was thrilled by my ability to be able to accomplish these mundane tasks.  It really made me appreciate how wonderful it is to just wake up and be healthy.

Since Matthew basically didn't get any attention from me for two days, I was eager to hang out with him.  We ran errands together and had a blast, although he was a little angry at me for not letting him run around the parking lot at Trader Joe's.  How dare I not want him to get hit by a car in the small and busy parking lot!  The parking lot at the next grocery store was quieter though, so he was able to walk from the cart return back to the car with me.  He loves his independence in situations like that.  Occasionally, he will be fine with holding my hand, but he normally just wants to forge on his own (with me right by his side, ready to yank him out of harm's way, much to his dismay).

Ernie had mowed the lawn while we were gone, so we got to enjoy some time in the freshly groomed backyard when we got home.  While we were playing, we found a little friend.

Of course, now I wake up this morning feeling sick to my stomach.  I couldn't even finish one piece of dried toast or a glass of my beloved Vernor's (breakfast of champions!).  I'm trying to look on the bright side and compare how I feel now to how I felt on Friday.  I'm hoping I'll feel better as I get on with my day.  I better, as I've been looking forward to being able to complete the routine tasks I take for granted.

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