Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wish List: For Our Home

1. Our front door is very worn looking and could use a fresh coat of paint.  It is currently a deep burgundy color, but I'd love to convince Ernie that we should take the plunge and get a purple door.  The purple door on this page is beautiful!

2. Our kitchen island tends to become a dumping ground for keys, mail that Ernie needs to look at, and various reminders.  This mail center would be a great solution.

3.  I have long dreamed about having a gorgeous photo or painting of the Mackinac Bridge hanging above our couch.  I'd love to get a 20" by 30" canvas of this print by Angie McCullagh. Her photos are gorgeous!

4.  Our current towels are are a little worn out, to put it politely.  Ernie has been clinging to a couple of Tommy Hilfiger towels in particular that he doesn't want to give up, so I think these towels would make us both happy.  I know he would want navy, but I could also go for some blue, grey, and sand ones.

5.  Before Matthew was born, we had a computer room on the first floor that Ernie kindly painted a dark, bright purple per my request (yes, it's my favorite color, hence #1).  With Matthew needing his own room, the computer room was converted to our guest room.  The current bedding doesn't fit in well and is a little worn after a well-meaning guest machine washed the dry clean only comforter.  This comforter set would simple and beautiful.

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