Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lord Snappington II

We had severe weather in the area yesterday.  There were a lot of tornado warnings, and local schools were on lockdown.  This all started late in the afternoon while I was still at work, and Matthew was at daycare.  Storms make me nervous in general, so needless to say, I was a little freaked out.  Fortunately, it seems like we mainly got slammed by thunderstorms with tons of rain; wind wasn't really a factor.

The rain was definitely significant though, and our section of road is flooded.  Chewie suddenly started barking while looking outside at the driveway, which really isn't too shocking (she barks a lot.  A LOT.)  Ernie peeked outside though and realized she was barking at a snapping turtle that was making his way up our driveway.

This is the second snapping turtle we've seen at our house.  A few years back, there was one that I named Lord Snappington.  I took several pictures of him and hoped he'd be back, but that was our only sighting.  Obviously, this turtle had to be dubbed Lord Snappington II.  I had quickly raced upstairs to throw some clothes on so I could go outside and get some pictures, but Lord Snappington II was pretty darn fast and had already disappeared back into the water by the time I got outside.

Although not the greatest picture, Ernie did snap this one quickly through the window while I was upstairs getting dressed, so at least we have something to remember him by.

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